Central Venous Access Catheter

Product Name : MODCVC

Sizes : Single, Double, Triple Lumen

Product Code : SL-2001 to 2004, DL-2101 to 2103, TL-2201 to 2202

This product is used for catheterization of vena cava with Seldinger method. It is also used to administer fluid and medication. 

Product Features

Soft Tip PU Indwelling Catheter:-

  • Central Venous Catheter is manufactured from specially formulated and bio-compatible PU (Polyure-thane) material.
  • With its excellent tensile strength to weight ratio, this PU catheter provides firmness during insertion and advancement into veins, and softens upon warming to body temperature reducing vein trauma.
  • The softer and specially designed tapered tip of the catheter ensures easier insertion.
  • Radio-opaque catheter with clear and definite marking facilitates precise placement of the catheter tip.
  • Specially designed colour coded female connector for male luer fitting for easy identification of fluid line.
  • Fixation wing at the channel junction for securing the catheter.

J-Tip Guide Wire:-

  • Kink proof, specially designed J-Tip Guide wire with soft tip prevents vessel perforation during catheter placement.
  • Soft flexible J-Tip wire also provides suitable torque for firm insertion.
  • Both ends of the guide wire are finished with rounded tips for smoothness, and welded to the guide wire for extra strength.
  • Ergonomically designed dispenser for safe and easy use to provide safety and easiness to user.

Y Introducer Needle:-

  • Easy to operate and precisely designed.
  • The offered scope of Y Shape Introducer Needle is made with the best quality bio-compatible material.
  • The Y Shape obtuse needle valve of this needle aides in controlling the flow of liquid and prevents blood misfortune.
  • The sharp needle point results in trouble-free cut and its smooth divider lowers the resistance of propelling the guide wire.

Tissue Dialator & Clamp:-

  • Made of best quality bio-compatible material.
  • Specially designed for easy penetration to assist the guide wire during insertion.
  • Clamps are provided to stop the fluid flow when not required in extention line to avoid air embolism.

Sterile single use catheter. Individually tray packed in hard blister pack.


  • Soft Tip PU Indwelling Catheter.
  • J- Tip Guide Wire with dispenser based upon Seldinger Tech.
  • Y- Shaped Introducer Needle.
  • Tissue Dilator.
  • Scalpel.
  • Syringe – 5ml.
  • Extension Line Clamp.
  • Clamp Fastener.
Technical Specifications
Description Indweling Catheter Guide Wire
Specification Length
Tissue Dilator
Single Lumen 20G 130/200 0.64 500 20G 4FR
18G 160/200 0.64 500 18G 5FR
16G 160/200 0.89 500 18G 6FR
14G 160/200 0.89 500 18G 8FR
Double Lumen 4FR / 22G(P) - 20G(D) 130/160 0.46 500 18G 5FR
300 0.46 700 18G 5FR
7FR / 16G(P) - 16G(D) 160/200 0.89 500 18G 8FR
300 0.89 700 18G 8FR
7FR / 14G(P) - 18G(D) 160/200 0.64 500 18G 8FR
300 0.46 700 18G 8FR
Triple Lumen 5.5FR / 22G(P) - 20G(D) - 22G(M) 80/130/160 0.46 500 18G 6FR
7FR / 18G(P) - 16G(D) - 18G(M) 160/200 0.89 500 18G 8FR
300 0.89 700 18G 8FR

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